Carlsberg’s kegs have run dry

An ongoing workers’ strike dries up beer giant’s kegs, but company says its working on getting replacement beer from abroad

This could be a painfully dry weekend for beer drinkers.


"Carlsberg's stock of kegged beer is nearly empty," Carlsberg's communications director, Jens Bekke, told TV2 News. 


Since Wednesday of last week, 130 employees at Carlsberg's Fredericia bottling plant have been on strike in protest against the hiring of a new employee who refuses to join the labour union 3F.


Negotiations today between workers and management have not led to any breakthroughs, which means the brewery's stock is nearly empty, TV2 reports.


"We have but two warehouses in Denmark, one in Taastrup and one in Fredericia," Bekke said. "And they are both close to empty. That is why we are now working on finding reinforcements from abroad."


Under normal circumstances, there is usually up to a week's supply at each warehouse.


The shortage isn't expected to affect supermarkets or kiosks. Pubs, bars and cafes, on the other hand, better hope they have other beers available on tap as kegs of both Carlsberg and Tuborg are currently sold out, Ritzau reports. 


Bekke tried to assure beer drinkers that the company was working on finding reinforcements from their international partners.