Police score big with seizure of money, drugs and weapons

Five members of the same family have been arrested after a trove of weapons, drugs and money were found at their addresses

Copenhagen Police confiscated 250 kilos of cannabis, around 2.4 million kroner in cash and 103 illegal weapons in a bust yesterday.

In a press release the police stated that five people from the same family were arrested in the case.

Member's of the police's Task Force Pusherstreet spotted a 32-year-old man with a rucksack who they say was acting suspiciously after he changed direction and started to run when he noticed the police.

The man discarded the rucksack but was apprehended and the rucksack was recovered. In it, police discovered 120,000 kroner.

Police then searched his apartment in Vanløse where they found 2.3 million kroner of Danish and foreign currency as well as some keys.

Several other apartments were subsequently raided which resulted in the remaining arrests and the confiscation of weapons including, ammunition, explosives and slingshots.

The 32-year-old will be held on remand for 27 days.