Sharing feel-good spirit in a corner of the city forever England

More tea vicar? The St Alban’s Annual Fête never fails to oblige with plenty more besides

For once, it has truly been a great British summer. Across the country people are talking about more than just the weather for once! Successful Lions and Ashes campaigns, victories for Andy Murray at Wimbledon and Chris Froome in the Tour de France, and then there was the royal birth. Indeed, in Britain it is hard to escape the endless news coverage and commentary on all things British. Whatever your opinion on the best type of nappies for the royal derrière, or on whether or not Brian O’Driscoll should have been left out of the third Lions test, over the water in Copenhagen we justifiably have cause to feel left out of such merriment and intrigue. However, fear not! The St Alban’s Annual Fête is here.


In Genesis it states “by the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work”, and it would appear that this is a message that the parishioners of St Alban’s Church have taken to heart. Its fête on Saturday August 24 is the ideal opportunity to indulge in all things British; one organiser calls it “a taste of old England” in a little corner of Copenhagen. Year after year, the fête is unrivalled for the welcoming, distinctly British atmosphere it creates.


This year, the highlight of the fête is a performance by 60 international Morris dancers who will be dancing their way through the city and ending up at the fête at 4pm. There is also Scottish pipe music, dance performances, a BBQ, a beer tent, a children’s; activity area and individual stalls selling a broad range of produce. On offer are English language books, cream teas, homemade jams, and marmalades, and bric-a-brac. Help on, or before, the day is always greatly appreciated! Contact the church to find out more.


The fête is also a great opportunity to introduce what might be called the quaint customs of English village life to your family and friends, both British and Danish, and maybe also voice your own opinion on the royal derrière. 


After all the excitement of the Morris dancing, it may be necessary to calm yourself. Fortunately, a stone’s throw away in Toldbold parken (obviously having heard of the crowds that the fête brings), the Danish Military are holding a Totalforsvarsdag that includes tanks, police motorcycles, boats and a search and rescue helicopter – a perfect way to end a fun-filled day and remind yourself that you are still in Denmark.