The vagina has a new name

Forget ‘fisse’ and ’tissekone’, the vagina should now be called ‘gina’, magazine declares

Finally, an answer to one of the most pressing questions of our times: what should we call the vagina? 


The erotic magazine Tidens Kvinder wasn't happy with the current options for how Danish women should refer to their private parts, so it set out to do something about it by holding a contest that asked readers to submit their own suggestions on what to call 'it'


The magazine found some of the common Danish words for the vagina – including ‘fisse’, ‘kusse’, ‘fjappen’, ‘skræv’ and ‘dåsen’ (the can) – to be insulting, while others – ‘missen’ (the kitty), ‘fi’, ‘hun’ (her) and ‘tissekone’ – were seen as too childish.  


So after an exhaustive search the magazine's panel – headed by what one can only assume are vagina experts – has settled on a new term: 'gina'. 


"The name is short and precise, easy to say and is nickname-like – sweet and sexy at once," Renee Toft Simonsen, an editor for the magazine, said. 


According to the magazine, it now hopes that Danes will incorporate 'gina' into their vocabulary, "whether with the doctor, their friends or in erotic literature".


'Gina' beat out 311 other suggestions for a new name.