Anti-Chinese politician kicked out of his party

Helsingør Council member Fuat Yalan has been voted out of Socialdemokraterne due to inflammatory remarks about Chinese people

Socialdemokraterne in Helsingør voted local politician Fuat Yalan out of the party at a special assembly earlier this week following his incendiary comments about Chinese people


“We have held a special general assembly with only the following on the agenda: the district committee recommends the expulsion of Fuat Yalan from the party,” the party wrote in a press release.  


Yalan got national attention earlier this month when he wrote offensive, hateful comments about Chinese people. After watching a video of alleged child abuse taking place in China, Yalan wrote on his Facebook page that he hoped “all the Chinese will burn, so the world will be free of that Chinese filth". Yalan went on to tell a local newspaper that he stood by his comments and that if a Chinese person were standing in front of him, then he would “shoot him”.


Refused to resign

Although he later retracted his statements and apologised, Socialdemokraterne felt he could no longer represent the party and asked for his resignation as a city councillor. Yalan refused to resign and therefore the party took the drastic measure of voting him out. 


Yalan has previously stated that if the party were to kick him out, he would remain in politics as an independent or seek to find a new party.