FLSmidth cuts 1,100 jobs

FLSmidth will be closing offices and other facilities and outsourcing engineering and administrative positions to low-wage areas

The Danish engineering firm, FLSmidth, has announced that it will be cutting away seven percent of its workforce, leaving about 140 Danish employees without a job.

Thomas Schulz, the recently instated head of FLSmidth, said that the move was necessary as a result of unsatisfactory quarterly financial results. The company's scaling-down plan will take 18 months to implement.

“The plan is a goal-orientated initiative that will ensure that we are well prepared for the future, however the market develops,” Schulz told Ritzau news service.

Closing offices and outsourcing
FLSmidth’s new strategy, which will reduce the firm’s workforce by 1,100 people worldwide, includes shuttering offices and other facilities, simplifying the organisation and outsourcing engineering and administrative positions to low-wage areas.

Despite the cuts, Schulz maintained that the overall strategy would remain the same and that the company would remain Danish, with a foundation of Nordic values.

The engineering firm currently employs 16,000 people worldwide.