Who is … Klaus ‘Wunderhits’ Pilgaard

He is a musician, actor, comedian and chilli binge-eater who has been on almost everybody’s computer screen during the last week.


Why is he famous?

Do you know how people sometimes brag about their ability to eat hot chillies? Well, Wunderhits has been posting videos on his Facebook profile of himself eating some of the world’s strongest chilli peppers. We are talking about chillies with names like ‘Fatali’ and ‘Monkeyface’ that almost make him cry in every video.


I’m rarely on Facebook

Well, on the TV2 evening show ‘Go’ aften Danmark’ on August 14, he served one of his home-grown chillies to the host Mikkel Kryger who nearly had a blackout in front of the camera. So lately, in an act of hubris, Wunderhits mashed several chillies into a juice and drank it. That brought him down to his knees, and then it was his turn to have a blackout. 


What happened then?

In his latest video, he said a bunch of weird things to keep his mind distracted from the fact that his entire digestive system was on fire. He compared the feeling to that of getting raped by a ladyboy. While his fans found it extremely funny, the joke did not land too well with the Aarhus Help Center for Rape Victims, the Danish LGBT rights organisation and a certain somebody he met on holiday in Bangkok.


Was he famous before that?

Eating chillies is Wunderhits’s breakthrough, but he has been a comedian and musician for years. This year he is acting in the annual show ‘Bornholmerrevyen’. His mantra is: “Always to the line – never crossing it”. His show combines organ music and stand-up with singing and dancing, usually accompanied by his side-kick Mr Berg. 


Sounds awesome. How can I book him?

For 15,000-25,000 kroner you can have your company’s Christmas party ruined if you contact the website lykkemusic.dk.


So can we expect to see more of him in the future?

Possibly so. We are all waiting to see him tackle the ‘Ghost chilli’ – a chilli so potent that it is smeared on fences in India to keep away wild elephants.