Government lays financial foundation for greener future

2014 budget will include 800 million kroner for better recycling, investment into ecological food products and a climate plan that will reduce carbon emissions by 2020

The government's 2014 budget, which will be presented formally tomorrow morning, will include an 800 million kroner pot for efforts geared towards the environment, climate and nature.

Ida Auken (Socialistisk Folkeparti), the environment minister, said in a press release that the pool of money will benefit the country's green areas and help the government reached its stated green goals. 

“We need more nature and forests that we can all enjoy and we must support citizens, councils and businesses in becoming better at recycling,” Auken said. “This green pool will increase focus on the environmental challenges we face and give Danes a more valuable future.”

Auken didn't unveil any specifics, but said that increased recycling and waste sorting in ten trial councils had already led to reduced rubbish costs.

Better food products
According to the food minister, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), the pool of funds will also go to strengthening the export of ecological products and additional ecological research.

“We’re working towards growth and more jobs in the food product sector by making the sector even more modern and environmentally friendly,” Hækkerup said. “It’s important that we invest in ecology so Denmark can lead the way in terms of sustainable food products.”

Hækkerup contended that another goal would be to better research and evaluate the chemicals that are in food products.

Part of the new climate strategy
The funds will also provide part of the financial foundation of the recently revealed 78-step government climate plan to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2020 as compared to 1990 levels. The climate and energy minister, Martin Lidegaard (Radikale) characterised the government's plan as an effort to usher in "a green autumn".

“The 800 million kroner will cater well to such initiatives such as the climate plan,”  Lidegaard said.

The government expects that the 800 million kroner will be spent over a four-year period. The details of the plan will be dependent upon the outcome of the 2014 budget negotiations. The budget will be presented tomorrow by the finance minister, Bjarne Corydon (Socialdemokraterne).