Two students stabbed in Copenhagen schoolyard

September 2nd, 2013

This article is more than 11 years old.

Twin brothers both injured during an argument with their assailant

Just before noon today, a knife-wielding attacker managed to wound twin brothers at CPH West gymnasium in Ishøj. According to Ole Nielsen, an investigator for the Copenhagen Vestegn Police, the boys had been involved in some sort of an argument with their assailant.

“Shortly before lunch time, the brothers met someone who asked them to follow him to an area away from the other students,” Nielsen told TV2 News. “An argument started and the suspect stabbed both brothers.”

Nielsen said one brother was stabbed in the shoulder. He was not sure where the other brother was hit, but described both wounds as “not life threatening".

Nielsen said that other students had witnessed the attack, but he was not sure how much they had seen. 

The brothers are 18-years-old and were described as having a "foreign background". They are being questioned by police.


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