Execs: employees “not that great”

Danes are not nearly as hard-working as they think they are, according to a survey that asked executives to rate employees in the 14 categories identified by the World Economic Forum as the most important for competitiveness.

In eleven of the categories, employees rated themselves higher than their bosses did.

Employees and their bosses disagreed most when it came to ambition and willingness to work hard. One a scale from one to ten, employees rated themselves a seven when it came to ambition, while executives gave them a mark of 5.9.

When looking at how hard they thought they worked, employees said they were a 6.8, while executives rated them 5.9.

“The Danish attitude is that everything will work out just fine,” said Niels B Christiansen, the president and CEO of Danfoss. “That just makes the whole process of accepting that they aren’t really that great anymore so drawn out.” 


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