Police arrest nine in Aarhus school drama

A student beating led to people unconnected to the school walking about the corridors brandishing weapons and yanking open classroom doors

The police in east-Jutland were forced to respond to trouble twice yesterday and ended up arresting nine people at Aarhus Købmandsskole school in the southwest Aarhus district of Viby.

The police were called to the school after students and teachers felt threatened by three men walking about the school carrying an axe and a chisel.

The deputy commissioner for the East Jutland Police, Thomas Hinge, said that three men were arrested and that they likely had a connection to an earlier incident in the day in which one male student was assaulted by two others. Those two male students were also arrested.

More arrests later on
A few hours later, the police were back on the scene after several hooded men entered the school and had begun jerking open classroom doors apparently looking for someone.

Two of these men were arrested by the police and two more were arrested later in a white BMW that was spotted leaving the school.

The police are currently looking into the case and expect no jail time for the culprits.

“We haven’t been able to establish what led to the confrontation and the threats,” Hinge told Ritzau new service. “We don’t think they will be jailed, but that is up to the lawyers to decide.”

An isolated incident
The school wrote in a press release that the two students who beat up another have been expelled and that the school is collaborating with the police in the matter.

“We won’t let a horrible situation that affected everyone get us down," Gitte Nørgaard Nielsen, the head of Aarhus Købmandsskole, wrote. “We have a lot of passionate teachers and students who we won’t be letting down. Both we and the police see it as an isolated incident which could easily have happened anywhere.”

Aarhus Købmandsskole has over 17,000 students.