DR sends out thousands of payment notices

Over 200,000 residents will be asked to pay up for Danmarks Radio’s services – whether they use them or not

Nationwide, over 200,000 residents have been delivered a “friendly reminder” from public broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR) requesting that they pay their licence fee. 


Starting in late August, approximately 210,000 households were sent a payment notice from DR. The notices serve as a reminder that any individual of legal age that is currently residing in Denmark is, by law, required to pay an fee for the public broadcaster’s services. The fee is collected by DR Licens, a division of DR's administration. 


"You need to register, within 14 days of procurement, whether you own, lease, or borrow your appliances, and regardless of whether you make use of DR's services or not," DR Licens'  website states.  


The payment notices were sent by post to all home addresses that are not currently registered as paying customers. Anyone who has a television, computer, smartphone, or tablet with wifi capability under their roof is required to pay, whether they use those gadgets to view DR’s services or not. Prior to July 1, households that just owned a radio were also required to pay the fee. 


Currently the licence costs 1,207 kroner every six months, and 2.4 million households pay the fee. Approximately 100,000 of these households pay the fee on a monthly basis, an option that became possible four years ago.


Our Swedish neighbours share a similar licence fee which finances the public service television and radio channels. Swedes, however, pay approximately 1,775 kroner annually compared to the Danes’ 2,414 kroner bill.  


The DR Licens campaign encourages residents to pay the fee, regardless of whether or not they take advantage of DR’s offering.


“We pay for each other – that’s what the licence is all about,” the licence campaign states.