Cops charge man with importing tonnes of cannabis

The evidence may have gone up in smoke, but police say they can make the case anyway

Copenhagen Police have arrested and charged a 38-year-old Nørrebro man for importing over four tonnes of cannabis over a three year period. Investigators say the cannabis wound up being sold on Pusher Street in Christiania. Police estimated the street value of the contraband at 222 million kroner.

“If we assume that approximately 0.5 grammes of marijuana is used in a joint, at 50 kroner per gramme, we are looking at revenue of around 222 million kroner,” Copenhagen Police spokesperson Steffen Steffensen told DR Nyheder.

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Second suspect still at large
The man is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday. The prosecution has requested that those proceedings be held behind closed doors because police believe that the suspect has an accomplice that is still at large.

Police believe that delivery of the cannabis took place over a three year period. They have not found the drugs, but say that they have found documents that prove that it was imported and intended for Pusher Street.

“We think we can prove that the activities of both men related to marijuana sales in Christiania,” said Steffensen, adding that the men must be “fairly high up in the hierarchy” to be able handle four tonnes of cannabis.

“These are not small fries,” he said.

The 38-year-old could spend ten years behind bars for importing so much cannabis.

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Second big bust in less than a month, and they just keep on coming
The arrest of the Nørrebro man follows a bust last month when cops seized 281 kilos of hash, 2.4 million kroner and 100 illegal weapons. Five people were arrested and three remain in custody.

“It was soon clear that a large part of the hash in this case could not be related to the criminal network behind the August case,” said Steffensen.

This morning, police raided the areas in Christiania known as 'Loen' and 'Laden" and came away with two pistols and another 100 kilos of cannabis. Six people were arrested.