Gang security risk made minister change car

Education minister forced to swap car that was the same model and colour used by a local gang over fears she could be targeted

The domestic intelligence agency PET advised the education minister, Christine Antorini (Socialdemokraterne), to change her ministerial car because it is the preferred model and colour used by local gang members.

According to the tabloid BT, Antorini’s ministerial car was a silver-grey Audi A8, which is also driven by gang members of Loyal to Familia (LTF) in the Nørrebro district where she lives.

She has now swapped cars with the finance minister, Bjarne Corydon (Socialdemokraterne), who traded in his red BMW 730 to help alleviate PET's fears that Antorini could be mistakenly targeted by LTF's rivals.

Local gang members also like to drive the silver-grey  Audi A8 like the one pictured here (Photo: Audi)Confirmation from civil servant
“I can confirm that the education minister swapped her car with the finance minister,” David Klemmensen, a department head at the Ministry for Children and Education, wrote in a comment to BT. “At my request, and after PET’s recommendation, the minister temporarily used another car. The swap was later made permanent.”

Antorini lives near the square Folkets Park where police in March raided a silver-grey Audi A8 that was used by leading LTF members. BT published a photograph of the car being examined by police and the image was published online.

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Colleagues shocked
Karsten Lauritzen, a spokesperson for Venstre, said he was shocked by the development.

“She should be able to live where she wants, drive the car she wants and otherwise act as she wants,” Lauritzen said, while Socialistisk Folkeparti MP Karina Lorentzen said the issue demonstrated the reach of the gang conflict.

“The gang conflict and the problems it presents are among society’s greatest issues of the past few years,” Lorentzen told BT.