The Weekly Wrap – Sunday, Sept 15

A second look at some of the week’s best stories from online and print

If you're anything like us, your week may sometimes feel like a blur. 


That's why The Copenhagen Post is trying something new on Sundays. We will take a deep breath, a step back and a second look at some of the stories that made up the past seven days both in our printed weekly newspaper and online. 


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Here are just some of the stories from the week that was:


– The cover story of our printed paper took one last look at the controversy surrounding a new mosque's collaboration with Hamas-controlled Al-Aqsa TV


– As Syria opened up the door to handing over its chemical weapons, the foreign minister said that Bashar al-Assad needs to deliver on his promise


– Speaking of Syria, a former gang leader who took part in the fighting in the war-torn country is wanted on criminal charges in Denmark, although not for what you might think


Copenhagen's 2014 budget had money for school improvements, low-cost housing and a new injection room, among other things


– With the far-right Danskernes Parti looking to get a foothold in the coming elections, a new report claims they're nothing more than Nazis in new, shiny suits


– One family's battle with the immigration authorities proved too much and they left for greener pastures in Germany


– Surprise, surprise! Denmark was once again declared the happiest country in the world. How do we keep claiming that title?


– Tivoli made a proposal to give tourists a better first impression when leaving Copenhagen Central Station, but it was surprisingly shot down by the City Council


– Some new CPH Post columnists made their debuts, with Helen Hajij defending her love of reality TV and Zach Khadudu wrapping up a meat-filled summer


– In sport news, we were all relieved that Denmark bested Armenia this time around, lest Morten Olsen find an even more distasteful analogy


– We caught a ride with hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow that took us from Vig to Tivoli to Christiania


– As it does every week, InOut had plenty of suggestions for fun to be had in the Copenhagen area, including a drama characterised as "smash hits on acid” and an overview of festivals ranging from Copenhagen Harbour Jazz to the NOT Festival


Enjoy your Sunday, readers. We will be back tomorrow.