Danish comic strip sails the seas

Acclaimed Danish comic strip will be debuting in American newspapers

Wulffmorgenthaler, the satirical comic strip created by Michael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, will be making its way across the Atlantic and launched in 71 American newspapers in November. 


Success is far from foreign for the cartoonist duo, with the publication of 4,000 comic strips that have to date been released in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany and the premiere of a TV series which has been broadcast on both DR and TV2. But soon the cartoonists will learn if their Danish satire can catch on with an American audience.


"I try not to think about the dates because, all things considered, it is not the launch date that will make the difference," Anders Morgenthaler told Søndagsavisen. "It's the coming months that will show just how big the success is."


Though the duo's humour may be considered over-the-top by some, Morgenthaler is not worried about startling American audiences.


"Nothing that we do is worse than 'South Park'," Morgenthaler said.


The cartoonists have dreamed of making it to Hollywood for many years and it seems that dream is making its way to reality.


"[Hollywood] is a city that requires one to really know their way around," Wulff told Søndagsavisen. "Sure, you can go home like most other Danes who try their luck in Hollywood, with a lot of high hopes, only to find disappointment. You must always make others aware of your presence, or you will get nowhere. And we are going somewhere."