Get in! Celebrating 520 years and counting

Birthday bonanza
Various locations; starts Fri, ends Oct


Summer is officially over, but don’t despair – it’s anniversary time and there is much to celebrate! So if you are looking for an excuse to go out and raise a glass, read on and discover four very different, but all great reasons to do exactly that.


Copenhagen Zoo turning 154: release your inner party animal
Copenhagen Zoo is celebrating its 154th birthday on Friday. Founded in 1859, the Zoo is one of the oldest and most visited of its kind in Europe. It is located in Frederiksberg, sandwiched between the two beautiful parks Frederiksberg Have and Søndermarken. If you have not yet visited it, why not head in that direction and take part in the celebrations? If you are in possession of a membership card, you can bring a friend with you for free.
Roskildevej 32, Frederiksberg; Fri 10:00-21:00;


Arthur Guinness Day turning 254: painting the town black
When Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease for his brewery on the banks of Dublin’s River Liffey, he couldn’t have imagined that his famous stout would be celebrated around the world over 250 years later. The Globe on Nørregade, which is cancelling its fortnightly quiz to accommodate the event, offers live music throughout the day and a special Guinness-infused menu.
Various venues; Thu (Sep 26)


Christiania turning 42: embrace your inner hippie
September 26 also happens to be Christiania’s birthday, so why not combine its celebrations with Arthur Guinness Day? Having become one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, the self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood, which is celebrating its 42nd birthday, has been a source of controversy since its creation in a squatted military area in 1971. Many have tried to close down the place over the years but so far without success, and every year on September 26, the Christianites celebrate with a big birthday party. This year they are putting up a civic restaurant that will be open for four days starting on Thursday. The meals, made from organic produce, will be wallet friendly and everybody is invited. There will also be free concerts at Café Nemoland located in the centre of Christiania. The programme has yet to be finalised, but keep an eye on
Christiania, Cph K; all day Thu (Sep 26);


Rescue of the Jews turning 70: remembering humanity at its best
To commemorate the 70-year anniversary of the collective effort to save the Danish Jews, Museum Amager in co-operation with Dragør Local Archives and Dragør Council, have organised a torchlight procession that will pass by historical sites on its way to Dragør Harbour where Elisabeth, one of the last remaining ships from the rescue operation, is stowed. At 19:15 an event involving 700 lights will begin that will symbolise the over 700 Danish Jews who fled to Dragør during 1943. Lights will be turned on board the boats, as well as a further 1,600 lights on the Øresundsbron bridge, forming an 8km long chain of light.

Meet at Nordre Væl,  between Stationsvej and Kongevejen where torches are shared out;  Mon 1 Oct, 17:00-19:45; Free adm;