Who is … Dennis Knudsen?

He is Denmark’s most famous male hairdresser and stylist and is apparently very fond of prostitutes.

Why is he famous?
He has styled the hair of every single Danish celebrity worth mentioning. They even know his name in Hollywood, where he has worked in the make-up department for the Academy Awards.

Male hairdresser, huh?
We know what you are thinking: that it is fair to assume Denmark’s most famous make-up guy is gay. But his sexuality has always been a bit of a mystery. He has had male boyfriends, but he also claims to have had sex with lots of women. In 2010, he and rock mama Sanne Salomonsen announced their wedding plans, leaving fans dazzled. Although it was later called off as a joke, he may simply have a foot in both camps.

So what about those prostitutes?
You may have seen his face in the tabloids this week, for he just revealed that he has spent a lot of money on prostitutes in his adult life – more than 20 hookers and rent boys. He did it when he was alone or with friends when the party needed an extra boost.

Was that his first time on the front page?
No. Recently he drank himself into oblivion, danced shirtless on the tables at a nightclub and was named the ‘drunk of the week’ by Se & Hør gossip magazine. And on another night, four high school boys convinced Knudsen they were gay and partied nude with him all night, only to sell the photos to the tabloids for 10,000 kroner. In response, he said that they should have asked him first and he would have paid them 20,000 for the night.

So what is he up to now?
He will continue to put to eyeliner and hair extensions onto actors and TV stars. So while it is hard to say when you are going to see him, you will most certainly see his creations the next time you turn on your telly.