Three Danish MPs walk into a Russian gay bar …

Russian politician invites Danish parliament members to experience Moscow’s gay scene in response to their questioning of Russia’s recent legislation

The introduction of anti-gay legislation in Russia continues to elicit global reactions. Earlier this year, Russia passed a law outlawing “homosexual propaganda” that targets minors. The vague law effectively outlaws the public support of homosexuality and makes it punishable with 15 days behind bars and a fine of up to 170,000 kroner.


Many prominent Danes have spoke out against the legislation and now Naryshkin Sergey, the chairman of the State Duma, has invited Danish politicians to come see the situation in Russia for themselves.


Sergey extended an invite to Danish MPs Mogens Jensen (Socialdemokraterne), Nikolaj Villumsen (Enhedslisten), and Michael Aastrup (Venstre), offering them an opportunity to come visit Moscow in order to observe the treatment of homosexualsin Russia, Politiken newspaper reports.


"We will gladly go to Moscow and visit a gay bar so that he can prove there is no discrimination against homosexuals," Jensen told Politiken newspaper.


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Sergey's offer to take the politicians to one of the capital's gay bars was initiated in response to the MPs' questions surrounding the anti-gay propaganda law at the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly. 


"I asked him what is behind the groundwork for the law. They should have evidence that homosexual propaganda is harmful to children, considering they have a law against it," Jensen said. "And he didn't answer. He was asked three times and, each time, provided the same answer."


"He tried to make light of homosexuality and was clearly irritated over the question coming up again," Jensen continued. "It was quite provocative. But he did say he would like to invite us to Moscow, so that we may see for ourselves how sexual minorities ar terated and go to a gay bar even though he may not want to join us."


The three MPs have accepted Sergey's invitation.


"We are delighted that he will show us that there is no discrimination against homosexuals in Russia."