Festival of broken boundaries and gender benders

October 4th, 2013

This article is more than 11 years old.

The city’s oldest running film festival, MIX: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Festival, is back again to shake things up. Now in its 27th year, MIX aims to blur sexual barriers, bend genders and embrace diversity – and from now until mid-October, the festival will host a wealth of film screenings, events and discussions across Copenhagen, sure to offer something for all.

The festivities kick off on Friday at 19:00 with a reception at Cinemateket, for which admission is free. The party will be followed by the festival’s opening film, Cockpit. This light-hearted Swedish comedy follows the unlucky pilot Valle, who finds himself fired, divorced and living in his childhood home. The party will resume after the screening, with  drinks and DJs abounding until 02:00. For more details and to see the full programe, visit the festival’s website. 



Beyond the Hills

This 2012 drama, which follows two young women at an Orthodox convent in Romania, offers a chilling and powerful glimpse into the tension between religious and secular life. Beyond the Hills, which took home multiple awards when it premiered at Cannes in 2012, was also shortlisted for the best foreign language film Oscar. 
Cinemateket; Sun 16:30


Les Invisibles

While the younger LGBT population is featured frequently in popular culture, older gay and lesbian representations are often absent. This documentary examines the gay rights movement in France through the lives of those ‘invisibles’, speaking to eleven over-70 homosexual revolutionaries who tell stories of their fearless flirtations and their fight for dignity and acceptance at a time when society rejected them.
Empire Bio; Mon 17:30



The first question when a baby is born is: “Is it a boy or a girl?” But the answer is more ambiguous for the one in every 2,000 babies born intersex. In this frank yet heart-warming documentary, intersex individuals reveal secrets about their unconventional lives and how they have navigated a male-female world to find a place of their own in-between.
Cinemateket; Mon 18:45

MIX Festival

Various locations in Greater Cph; starts Fri, ends Sun Oct 13 

Tickets: 80kr per film, discount card for seven films at Cinemateket & Empire Bio: 480kr




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