Science makes its way into Danish pockets

A new series of ‘science coins’ will be released on Monday

A century after Niels Bohr's atomic model discovery, the scientist will now be commemorated by way of a new series of Danish coins that will make their debut at the start of next week. Also included in the new series will be coins with motifs of Danish scientists Hans Christian Ørested, Ole Rømer, and Tycho Brahe.


Danmarks Nationalbank has decided to put motifs of the four scientists on a brand new 20-kroner coin set. The complete series will consist of four scientists being honoured with 500-kroner commemorative silver coins and 20 kroner coin sets put in to normal circulation.


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The motifs will depict Bohr’s atomic model with electrons orbiting a nucleus (1913), Ørsted’s experiment demonstrating electromagnetism (1820), Rømer’s drawing describing the speed of light (1675), and Brahe’s constellation Cassiopeia, highlighting the star Stella Nova (1572).


The new thematic design, entitled 'Great Danish scientists of physics and astronomy', was created in collaboration with staff at the University of Copenhagen's Niels Bohr Institute. 


“With this coin series, the legacy of four of the most prominent Danish scientists will become a part of everyday life for a long time. The coin series is an excellent idea that is likely to stimulate many questions and discussions that help increase the awareness and understanding of science,” John Renner Hansen, the science dean at the University of Copenhagen, stated on the university's website.


The coins are being released on October 7, in recognition of Niels Bohr's birthday.