Who is … Klaus Riskær?

He is a 58-year-old playboy and bankrupt businessman. You may have heard of him, for he just got released from jail.

What did he do?
Long story short: he has spent the last five years behind bars after being charged with fraud amounting to 210 million kroner. The trial concerned the sale of his IT company Cybercity, and a closer look at Riskær’s figures revealed that his software wasn’t the only creative aspect of his business.

So what else has he done?
Cybercity was just one of his many exciting adventures in business. He began his career as the editor of a financial newspaper when he was only 23 years old. Ever since then, he has been tossing around companies like a circus juggler, investing in anything as long as it has the slightest prospect of profit. He has owned just about anything: from investment companies (Krepco, Accumulator Invest) to TV channels (Kanal 2, TV Danmark), and he even founded a company that stores blood from babies’ umbilical cords.

Sounds ambitious
Yes, but more often than not, his plans backfire and he ends up being sent to jail for fraud. It has almost become an annual event to see him on TV every time he goes to jail, always insisting that he hasn’t done anything wrong and that the judges simply made a mistake.

So he gets a lot of attention?
Fortunately for us, he never backs out of an interview, but his public appearances are not always related to his criminal activities. His charisma landed him the job as the game show host on ‘Hyret eller fyret’ (Hired or fired) on TV Danmark, and he even had a small role as himself on the sitcom ‘Klovn’ (Clown). In 2008, he infuriated feminist Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis (which, to be fair, is not that hard) by saying he was grossed out by childbirth and didn’t want to be there when his children were born.

So what is his next move?
Now that he is a free man, we can certainly expect the Danish Gordon Gekko to come up with a new delusional business scheme very soon.