City Council joins battle against biker gang

After a year of complaints from residents living next door to a Bandidos clubhouse, local politicians have agreed on two ways to force out the bikers

Bandidos gang members will have to move their clubhouse on Tudskærvej 30 in Vanløse somewhere else, the politicians of Copenhagen agreed yesterday at a meeting of the City Council's urban planning board.

Jakob Næsager (Konservative), who on Sunday arranged a torchlight procession in sympathy with the neighbours, said he was pleased with the unanimous vote.

"We are really happy about that. Last week the neighbours to the biker gang clubhouse asked us to do something about the problem and this week we managed to get City Hall to stand up and present a united front," Næsager told Politiken newspaper.

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Stressing out the bikers
The City Council agreed on two solutions to get rid of the bikers who have lived in the suburban neighbourhood for almost a year.

Firstly, a nearly century-old clause in housing regulations states that although the clubhouse is officially registered as the owner’s private home, a property in a residential area cannot be used for any activities that are an inconvenience to its neighbours. The clause should eventually allow the City Council to move out the bikers.

Secondly, the politicians yesterday agreed on an anti-biker gang approach that allows police and tax authorities to target the gang members with excessive controls. 

"Police, [the tax authority] Skat and local authorities must work together to do almost anything in their power to get rid of the bikers," Næsager said.

For instance, Skat is supposed to frequently control that the bikers have paid the right fees and taxes on their cars and motorcycles and the police will look for illegal drug possession in the house.

Last night's meeting followed a series of events last week, when the head of a homeowners' association, Lars Georg Jensen, who lives next door to the Bandidos clubhouse, went on national television and said that the bikers had thrown two concrete stones through his windows after he had declined their offer to move out of the neighbourhood if they were paid 500,000 kroner.