Dansk Folkeparti now second largest

Dansk Folkeparti’s (DF) march to prominence has now seen the right-wing party eclipse Socialdemokraterne, the PM’s party, as the nation’s second most popular, according to an aggregate of political polls taken in September.

Last month was the second consecutive month DF surged and the party now stands to gain 19.5 percent of votes, up from 13 percent in August and 10 percent in the 2011 general election.

Socialdemokraterne would earn 18.6 percent of votes, were an election to be held today, 2 percentage points off its general election return.

In addition to the bounce a change in leadership gave the party in August, the electoral gains were an indication that many disaffected Socialdemokraterne voters had accepted DF as an alternative, according to Søren Risbjerg Thomsen, of Aarhus University. 


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