Police can’t solve Resistance Museum fire

Without new clues police are unable to continue their investigation into who set fire to the museum in April

Six months after a fire at the Resistance Museum in downtown Copenhagen, police are no closer to discovering who started the fire and why.

A 100,000 kroner reward has failed to convince any witnesses to part with information that could help track down the arsonists.

“It doesn’t look good,” Copenhagen Police spokesperson Bertel Hejlesen told DR Nyheder. “When the reward was first released, a few people got in touch but there has been nothing concrete since.”

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The Resistance Museum is a branch of the National Museum of Denmark and documents the resistance movement against the Nazi occupation during the Second World War.

Police are convinced the fire on April 28 was arson which is why Hejlesen thinks it’s strange that no one has come forward.

“We have wondered why no one has been singled out which usually happens in cases like this,” Hejlesen said, adding that without new clues the investigation couldn’t continue.

The fire at the Resistance Museum damaged only the building and a new museum to house the exhibits is currently being planned.