Who is … Dovne Robert?

He is a 45-year-old ‘lazy bastard’ whose name was voted ‘news buzz word of the year’ in 2012.

How lazy?
He caused a true media uproar when he appeared on the DR2 debate show ‘På den 2 side’ (On the other side) and said that he had lived off state benefits for eleven years. His inclusion was supposed to prove that poverty still existed in this country, but the example backfired badly when Robert said he didn’t receive benefits because he was ill or had a disability, but simply because he didn’t want to have an ordinary job. Or as he put it: “I am a lazy bastard. I don’t want a shitty job as a janitor or assembling pegs.”

What happened then?
Surprisingly, going public turned out to be his smartest career move. Besides becoming a national celebrity, he recently began appearing on TV commercials for energy pills, saying that they have turned him from lazy into Fresh Robert. He has even received international attention, most notably when the New York Times (believe it or not) interviewed him and wrote an unflattering article on a Danish welfare state in decay.

So he got a job?
Last month he stopped receiving money from the state, so we assume that he gets paid for pretending to take those energy pills. But ironically, he has said that he is poorer now than when he lived off benefits. According to his website, he also gives lectures around the country, but with three unfinished university degrees on his resume, it is probably something you should think over twice before making a booking. From now on, he wants to become famous for writing novels and hosting TV shows so that people may someday stop referring to him by his unfortunate nickname.

So what will Robert’s next nickname be?
That depends on whether or not he wins this year’s ‘Robinson Expedition’ on TV3. He joined the show because he had once read the novel ‘Robinson Crusoe’. Let’s see if 17th century fictional survival skills can turn Loser Robert into a winner.