Not wanted: variable-rate mortgages

As part of an effort to encourage homeowners not to take mortgages with variable interest rates, Jyske Bank says it plans to introduce a form of home loan that will provide a fixed 30-year interest rate that is lower than what is currently offered by traditional mortgage lenders.

Despite warnings from financial advisors, variable, 1-year mortgages remain popular among homeowners, due mostly to their historically low interest rates, currently around 0.4 percent per year.

To nudge people into taking longer-term mortgages, mortgage lenders have raised the fees they charge individuals holding 1-year mortgages.

With the price increase, Jyske Bank says it can now offer a competitive product, even though its interest rate is higher.

Economists welcomed the new product, but were concerned that its price structure was less transparent than traditional mortgages. 

Berlingske Business

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