Young MP calls on older Danes to run for office

Members of parliament are concerned that the relatively youthful age of Danish MPs has left the legislature suffering from a lack of real-world experience.

The average age of MPs after the 2011 general election was 44, the lowest ever.

“There are just some disadvantages to being young and we are in dire need of older people to compensate for that,” said Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil (Socialdemokraterne), age 36.

Just 48 of parliament’s 179 members are older than 55. Rosenkrantz-Theil has formed a group to help come up with ways to encourage older Danes to seek office.

She was supported by veteran lawmakers and political analysts, who said parliament had become fixated on youthfulness.

However, Liv Holm Andersen (Radikale), age 26, said lawmakers should also respect the decisions of voters to elect young people.


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