Who is … Nicole ‘The Reality Babe’ Brøggler?

She is a 19-year-old nude model and TV star, who currently holds the record for the Danish celebrity with the highest recorded blood alcohol level.

Why is she famous?
It’s pretty obvious why the tabloids love her because they can always rely on her to take off her clothes whenever she’s asked to. But her public appearances really took off after she got herself fired from the Kanal 5 dating show ‘Bypiger søger bonderøve’ (City girls seek country bumpkins) for partying too much without “all those geeky hillbillies” – her charming description of the single farmer contestants on the show.

What happened then?
After reading all her stories we can confirm that they all follow the same pattern: she does something crazy and then the tabloids accompany the story with a nude photo.

How crazy?
Sometimes she breaks an arm or a foot when she drinks amounts that could knock out an elephant, but the most famous incident was when she had her stomach pumped after nearly drinking herself into a coma. She even stopped breathing for a minute, and true enough, paramedics measured her blood alcohol level at 0.46 percent, which is just below the point where people tend to die. Shortly afterwards, she and a friend woke up naked in a hotel room with two angry naked guys she couldn’t understand.

Does she ever wear clothes?
It seems that every time she has described one of her nights out, it always ends up with her clothes being ripped off. She has done a photo shoot in a water fountain in the middle of the busiest shopping street of Copenhagen, and in her current job as a promoter for the Danish bar ‘Den Glade Viking’ in Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach, she sometimes runs naked up and down the main street to attract customers.

What is the point of all this?
She has said her goal is to become famous enough that the comedian Tobias Dybvad makes fun of her on his weekly show. Has anyone got his number so she can just move on?