Marathon press conference was “unique”, say veteran reporters

Two of parliament’s most experienced reporters say Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s marathon press conference yesterday was a unique moment in Danish politics.

In terms of length, the press conference was by far the longest Henning Olsson and Kaare R Skou had experienced, but it was also remarkable for the fact that a former PM apologised for his actions as head of a non-political organisation.

Olsson, however, said there had been previous cases of lawmakers apologising for something and then later being cleared of any wrongdoing.

“Suddenly you see these situations becoming a matter of morality,” Olssson said. Rasmussen was also criticised in 2008 for his official expenses.

The situations were similiar, according to Skou, but he said the press conference would be something that went down in Danish political history.

As for Rasmussen’s political future: they expected him to be able to shrug off any long-term political fallout.

DR Nyheder

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