Assess the best pics the press has to offer

Can we call them for a photo?

Politikkens Hus has once again opened its doors to the World Press Photo exhibition, an exciting showcase not just of some of the best news-related photography the world has to offer, but also its various styles.

The exhibition, which started back in 1955 in the Netherlands, has developed into one of world photography’s keenly-anticipated annual events at which the general public is presented with the best of photojournalism from all over the world.

The prize-winning photographs travel to 45 countries every year and are viewed by millions of people, so don’t miss this chance to view them in the lower hall of Politikkens Hus, where they will remain until October 30 before embarking for pastures new.

The contest is judged by a jury of leading experts, including photographers, journalists, and curators. The jury, and of course the line-up of competing photographers, change every year.

The last year has been one of unceasing global conflict, so it is no surprise to see that many of the entrants and winners are depictions of war. The photographs from Syria, Gaza and post-war Afghanistan are both the most horrific and thought-provoking. It is a credit not just to the skill of the war photographers, but also their bravery that they tend to do so well.

Nevertheless, amongst the 54 photographers represented, you will find a long list of subjects and stories that aren’t related to war. To be unashamedly biased for a second, one of the most intriguing subjects is a photo essay submitted by a young Dane, photographer Marie Hald. Her essay about a Danish prostitute called Bonnie has been widely discussed in the media, creating quite the uproar when she was first introduced to the public last year. The essay showcases both Bonnie’s life as a prostitute and her life as a mother of two children.

Despite the somewhat ominous subjects, and the fact that the exhibition is set in a concrete hall, there is a calm and very serene atmosphere. The pictures bring forth emotions from all ends of the scale, from sadness to anger, and they inspire thought and action. I like this kind of art, as it moves me, leaves me awestruck, and stays with me for a long time afterwards.

If you want a more detailed experience, download the World Press Photo app from Appstore and type in the code from the photograph.

World Press Photo 2013
Pressen, Politikkens Hus, Raadhuspladsen 37, Cph K; ongoing, ends Wed, open Mon, Tue, Fri 13:00-18:00, Wed 13:00-21:00, Sat & Sun 11:00-18:00; tickets 75kr, concessions available;