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Foreign citizens can vote. Great, but where can you find out what a council and a region are responsible for, and what Copenhagen’s seven mayors do? In our election guide, that’s where

Before you vote, make sure you read our 2013 Election Guide

On November 19, Denmark is holding its local elections. These are open to EU residents from the moment they register in Denmark, and non-EU citizens who have been registered in Denmark for at least three years.

Many foreigners may jump at the chance to vote and relish the opportunity to participate for its own sake. Others may wonder whether there is any point in casting a ballot to dictate the running of local government that is ultimately subservient to the whims of the national parliament.

The Copenhagen Post takes its role as the leading source of Danish news in English seriously and will guide our readers through the ins and outs of the election. We hope it is interesting and informative, both for those who are dead-set on voting, and those who are undecided.

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