The Weekly Wrap – Sunday, Oct 27

A second look at some of the week’s best stories from online and print

If you're anything like us, your week may sometimes feel like a blur. 

That's why The Copenhagen Post is trying something different on Sundays. We will take a deep breath, a step back and a second look at some of the stories that made up the past seven days both in our printed weekly newspaper and online. 

Here are just some of the stories from the week that was:

– In our cover story, we look at Denmark's role on the world stage and ask if it would be strengthened by joining up with our neighbours

– In politics, the week started with 'Luxury' Lars Løkke Rasmussen facing the music on his spending scandal and ended with him taking a serious beating in the polls. Still, he arguably had a better week than Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal, who had to undergo surgery for a blood clot

– In Greenland, they gave the go-ahead to mine for uranium, while in the Faroe Islands they are asking where all the women have gone

– Denmark's handling of custody cases was once again in the news, following a critical report from an EU committee

– Hate crimes were a recurring theme, with two incidents occurring within a six day span, and a man sentenced for a third incident a few days later

– Another recurring theme was saying something and walking it back hours later, as both the Dansk Industri and Maersk heads did

– And from the category of stories that never go away, we took a look at research that showed that contact with immigrants actually has a very limited impact on tolerance

– Our local election coverage continued this week, with a look at the difference between councils and regions, and party profiles on Konservative and Radikale. And don't miss our voting guide

– In sport news, there were mixed fortunes for Danish teams in Europe as Esbjerg win in Sweden and FCK lose in Turkey

– Halloween is just a couple days away – here is what you can do to get your spooky on

From the sounds of it, you'd be well advised to get outdoors today before a storm blows in. And don't forget to 'fall back' an hour as we switch to winter time. We'll see you again on Monday. 

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