Hurricane-force storm crossing Denmark

Traffic chaos expected as the worst storm in ten years barrels across Denmark this afternoon and evening

A hurricane-force storm crossing Denmark from the west has led the weather agency DMI to issue a storm warning for dangerous and unusual weather conditions.

Winds gusting at over 90 kmh are currently blowing across the country – with the exception of northern Jutland – bringing a 3.5 metre storm surge along the west coast and widespread traffic disruption.

The storm is the result of a deep area of low pressure that passed across southern England last night and earlier today, bringing down trees at claiming the lives of at least two people.

Worst storm in a decade
The low pressure is currently passing across northern Denmark, bringing strong westerly winds across most of the country that are expected to intensify as the day goes on.

Hurricane force winds of over 120 kmh are expected from mid-afternoon in western Denmark and are anticipated to hit Copenhagen around 7pm.

“The wind will be hurricane force and the most powerful storm in Denmark for the past ten years,” DMI spokesperson Thye Rasmussen told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Traffic chaos
The high winds will interrupt transport across the country this afternoon.

A number of ferries have cancelled, including the fast ferry between Ystad and Rønne on Bornholm and the Mols-Linien ferry between Aarhus and Sjællands Odde.

Two bridges – Storebæltsbroen and Øresundsbroen –  are expected to close later this afternoon once the wind exceeds 90 kmh. Both are already closed for wind-sensitive vehicles.

Slow trains
State rail operator DSB is standing by to deal with disruptions caused by the storm and have asked customers to stay updated with the latest news.

They have already announced that S-trains running to Køge on the E line will be travelling at a slower speed.

Copenhagen Airport stated that air traffic won’t be affected because the winds are not travelling across the landing strips.