UK-based Danes to lure British investment

An advisory board of eleven successful Danish businesspeople living in the UK will help the Danish Embassy in London attract British investors

A select group of Danish businesspeople who live in the UK have volunteered to promote Denmark as a location for British investment, reports Berlingske newspaper.

The eleven businesspeople work in a wide range of fields – including banking, fashion and energy – but are all successful Danes who have settled in the UK.

They are now members of a new advisory board set up by the Danish Embassy in London on behalf of the Foreign Ministry’s investment agency, Invest in Denmark.

Untested initiative
“No-one has tried this before so we don’t know whether it will be successful,” the Danish ambassador in London, Claus Grube, told Berlingske. “But if it is, the model could be extended to other areas of the world.”

Susanne Given, an advisory board member and chief operating officer at the fashion retailer SuperGroup PLC, says Denmark has many positive aspects that can sell it as a destination for British investment, such as a stable political and economic systems.

But she points to the flexibility and open mindedness of young Danes as ideal employee candidates for multinational firms.

“Danes are more open and more interested in being involved in the world,” Given said. “This is being proven time and again. There are certain cultures that don’t have this at all.”

Given and the ten other advisory board members will assist the Danish Embassy behind the scenes, go to meetings with potential investors and use their networks to direct funds to Invest in Denmark.