Mountain peaks to tower above Tivoli’s ancient rollercoaster

When the wooden rollercoaster celebrates its 100th anniversary next summer, riders will once again ride beneath snowy peaks that were removed in the 1920s

Tivoli has announced plans to restore its ancient wooden rollercoaster to its original alpine-themed appearance.

The rollercoaster will celebrate its 100-year anniversary next year and, to celebrate, Tivoli is giving it a 35 million kroner upgrade.

Originally, the rollercoaster had alpine peaks jutting into the skyline, but these were removed in the 1920s after the City Council argued it should not be the first thing visitors see upon leaving the Central Station next door.

Intended appearance
Times have changed, however, much to the satisfaction of Tivoli’s vice president of operations and development, Mogens Carsten Ramsløv.

"The idea of ??returning the ride to its original appearance – as the forward-thinking architects of the time intended it – has long been a concern for us,” Ramsløv said.

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Most popular attraction
The rollercoaster will be ready for the 2014 summer season and will feature two new mountain peaks – the highest towering 26 metres over the amusement park – and a 20-metre-tall waterfall.

Built in 1914, the 625-metre-long wooden rollercoaster is one of the oldest in the world that is still operational, and only one of seven that still run with a driver.

With 1.3 million guests in 2012, the rollercoaster is Tivoli’s most popular attraction, even though it hits a relatively pedestrian top speed of only 58 kilometres an hour.