Deputy mayor wants to eliminate her colleagues’ jobs

Cutting two of seven deputy mayor positions proposed as way to eliminate bureaucracy and save hundreds of millions of kroner

Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for employment and integration, Anna Mee Allerslev (R), is calling on the city to close down its seven deputy mayor’s offices and restructure so that administration is handled by just five deputy mayors.

“Copenhagen spends too much money on administration and bureaucracy;” Allerslev told DR Nyheder.

Allerslev said that the move could save the city as much as 300 million kroner.

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“Radikale has always worked for more efficient and transparent governance in Copenhagen,” she said.

Allerslev said that deputy mayor positions should be awarded based upon majority rule – like in parliament – instead of the current method of distributing them among the parties based on mandates.

Allerslev would achieve her reductions by combining some departments.

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“If we go from seven to five departments while strengthening local committees, we will have both more efficient management and stronger local democracy,” said Allerslev. “Everyone should streamline and that includes politicians.”

Allerslev didn't go quite as far as Mayor Frank Jensen (S) did earlier this year when he suggested merging all seven administrations into one, with himself at the helm.