The Weekly Wrap – Sunday, Nov 10

A second look at some of the week’s best stories from online and print

If you're anything like us, your week may sometimes feel like a blur. 

That's why The Copenhagen Post is trying something different on Sundays. We will take a deep breath, a step back and a second look at some of the stories that made up the past seven days both in our printed weekly newspaper and online. 

Here is just a taste of the week that was:

– Forget red vs blue, in our cover story this week we explain why when it comes to Copenhagen's local elections, it's more about two wheels vs four

– While we're on the upcoming local elections, this week our party profiles looked at Enhedslisten, Liberal Alliance and a whole bunch of parties you may not have heard of

– Venstre's Pia Allerslev may have done her election chances well by riding in to save a popular Østerbro café that was threatened with closure

– They say all politics is local, and if that old maxim holds true there are a lot of local Venstre politicians surely wishing the 'Luxury Lars' mess would just stop already

– Christiania, long a flash point, was once again involved in some controversy this week due to residents' resistance to a bike path and a large-scale police action that saw officers use tear gas 

– At the same time police were once again making busts in the famed freetown, a police officer was making waves for bucking the party line and recommending the legalisation of cannabis

– In a late-week surprise, parliament pledged Danish troops and a naval vessel to the UN mission to destroy Syria's chemical weapons

– In other international news, we learned that Denmark has a very special place within US intelligence

– On the culture front, we asked if Nikolaj Lie Kaas was on the verge of an international breakthrough, and a Danish translator said the conditions he faced while working on Dan Brown's novel made him yearn to break out

– Like he does every week, managing editor Ben Hamilton walked you through the best of the week's entertainment options as only he can 

– In the world of sport, there were big wins by FCK and Esbjerg, while Woz announced a new coach who received her daddy's seal of approval

– And finally, although it is now fading from our memory, the effects of the October 28 storm are still being felt in the form of massive clean-up bills and a third confirmed death

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