DF member thrown out of party after reporting fellow party member to police

Political drama in northern Jutland town as right wingers go at each other

The northern Jutland town of Hjørring is home to a bit of old school political drama these days.

Steen Sørensen-Mølgaard was notified yesterday by Dansk Folkeparti (DF) that he has been expelled from the party, effective immediately.

Sørensen-Mølgaard, who was a DF candidate for city council in Hjørring, told the press last Monday – the day before the election – that he had reported the party’s lead candidate, Vivi Jensen, in the local election to the police for violating his privacy. Sørensen-Mølgaard also refused to appear in photographs with Jensen, which appears to be the main reason for his expulsion.

“It is completely untenable that a city council candidate will not appear in photos along with the lead candidate,” DF spokesperson Steen Thomsen told DR Nyheder.

Thomsen said it was “crazy” that Mølgaard told the press that he had reported Jensen for violating his privacy by telling local election officials that he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

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Sørensen-Mølgaard said he was not surprised at his expulsion.

“I had a feeling it would happen,” he said. “I am surprised that no-one is interested in my criticism of local management.”

Sørensen-Mølgaard said that he has no regrets for reporting what he views as Jensen's violation of his privacy.

“It was a clear attempt to discredit me and a violation of my personal confidentiality,” he said.

Jensen said that she was aware of the decision to expel Sørensen-Mølgaard, but that she had nothing to do with it and had no comment.

Sørensen-Mølgaard, who has been a member of the Hjørring DF branch for a year, failed in his bid for the Hjørring Council on Tuesday. Jensen made it in.