The Weekly Wrap – Sunday, Nov 24

A second look at some of the week’s best stories from online and print

If you're anything like us, your week may sometimes feel like a blur. 


That's why The Copenhagen Post is trying something different on Sundays. We will take a deep breath, a step back and a second look at some of the stories that made up the past seven days both in our printed weekly newspaper and online. 


Here is just a taste of the week that was:


– Tuesday's local elections brought a red wave to Copenhagen with the ascendancy of Enhedslisten. But on the national front, the opposition had the better day. Not, however, to the extent that some very flawed exit polls from DR predicted (and which it now says it will never do again).


– Copenhagen's deputy mayor positions remain undecided as of this morning. All eyes are on Pia Allerslev (V). Nationally, all 98 mayor positions have been settled, with one of the last coming down to meatballs


– The 'Luxury Lars' scandal finally led to someone losing their job, but it wasn't the guy who flew around the world first-class. 


– Poet Yahya Hassan probably sold a few hundred extra copies of his self-titled book this week after being in the news for getting assaulted at Central Station, having a planned event at Vollsmose cancelled, and then seeing it put back on after intense criticism led by the 18-year-old literary phenomenon himself.


– In what at times seems like it's become the new national sport, we saw yet another child deported this past week. A flood of media attention saved little Im Nielsen and put the brakes on another family's one-way trip out of Denmark. We're not sure about you, but we're awfully tired of these cases


– A local icon looks like it will be resigned to the history pages after a decision that KB Hallen can be razed


– Did you know that last week saw the "greatest day" in Danish motor sports history? It's true


– Before 'Borgen', there was 'West Wing'. But before that, there was 'House of Cards' (the version without Kevin Spacey, that is). We sat down with Michael Dobbs, the creator of the 1989 original.


– And finally, if you haven't done so yet, go scare yourself silly with the recently-unveiled painting of the Royal Family. We featured it as our photo of the week in the printed paper, and agree with Buzzfeed's assessment that it is "super creepy".


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