Nine charged with operating 40 cannabis labs

Police believe they have found the masterminds behind a large-scale organised skunk and amphetamine trade

Nine people from Vietnam, the Netherlands and Denmark have been charged of operating 40 cannabis laboratories and importing amphetamine to the country.

According to Task Force Vest, the police unit responsible for organised crime, the nine suspects are the masterminds behind the operation, which produced a strong form of cannabis known as skunk.

"This is a really big case," Task Force Vest vice superintendent Kirsten Fischer wrote in a press release. "It all started with the discovery of just one skunk laboratory and has now evolved to these charges of organised and professional skunk growing and large-scale amphetamine import.”

Twenty-three people have already been convicted in connection in connection with the labs since police discovered the first of them last year in the Jutland town of Vejen.

All the suspects maintain their innocence and will stand trial in Kolding City Court next year.

Vietnamese skunk gardeners
The nine suspects are charged for smuggling at least 10kg of amphetamine and 4.9 litres of amphetamine oil extract from the Netherlands to Denmark, which adds up to a total of 75kg to be sold on the streets.

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They also orchestrated an organised production of skunk, which according to the police report amounts to a ton of cannabis. The Vietnamese suspects allegedly worked as 'gardeners' in the laboratories.

Last year, Task Force Vest confiscated over a ton of skunk. Authorities said that large volumes of pot being prodcued exceeded domestic demand, and Task Force Vest confirmed that parts of the harvest have been exported to the Netherlands and Sweden.

Seven of the suspects are not from Denmark and if convicted they will be deported after serving their sentence.

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