Man dies in gang-related shooting

Man shot and killed last night in Næstved is believed to be a member of Westside Nation, defectors from the Bandidos gang

A young man was shot and killed shortly after midnight last night in Næstved in what DR Nyheder reports was a gang-related shooting.

According to DR, the victim belonged to the biker gang Westside Nation, which is a gang made up of defectors from Bandidos. The public broadcaster reports that police have yet to determine who was responsible for the shooting, but have reason to believe that the Bandidos were involved.

Westside Nation has been in a running conflict with the Bandidos biker gang. The rivalry between the two groups led to a fire at Rødovre Storcenter in October and is also suspected of being the reason behind a fire at a Bandidos hangout in Helsingør last month.