Denmark sends emergency aid to the Central African Republic

More than half a million people have been displaced by a worsening civil war

The government has promised 25 million kroner of aid to support civilians caught in the crossfire of a steadily worsening civil war in the Central African Republic (CAR), following a government coup in March.

According to the Development Ministry, around 550,000 people have been displaced from the fighting and around 450 have been killed in the past week alone.

“Over the past few days the situation has developed into a serious humanitarian crisis,” the development minister, Rasmus Helveg Petersen (R), said. “There is a need for us to move in with humanitarian aid to help the victims of the conflict with protection, food, water, medical treatment and adequate healthcare.”

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Red Cross increasing involvement
The International Red Cross (ICRC) will receive ten million kroner that will be used to help the hundreds of thousands of affected civilians by helping fund two hospitals and three heath clinics.

In large parts of the country, houses, schools and health clinics have been burned down, only 30 percent have access to clean water, and there is a significant pressure on health services – particularly for the victims of sexual violence.

The ICRC has increased its investment in CAR from 89 million kroner in 2013 to 144 million kroner in 2014.

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UN assistance
Fifteen million kroner will go to the UN’s fund for CAR – which is traditionally supported by Sweden, Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands – that will fund the work of international organisations in the country.

France has the most active role in the country, with 1,600 troops currently attempting to disarm rival rebel groups and protect civilian populations.