PM’s husband launches own political career

A famous last name and a rock-solid constituency may earn Stephen Kinnock a seat in the British parliament

Michelle Obama might not have been the only one felt left out when Helle Thorning-Schmidt (S) was taking selfies with the world leaders.

The PM’s husband, Stephen Kinnock, has now decided to pursue his own political career as the Labour Party candidate in Aberavon in his birth place of Wales, aiming for a seat in the British House of Commons in the 2015 general election.

"I'm very interested in standing," he told The Times. "I've been a member of Labour since I was 15 years old, so politics is in my blood."

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Kinnock is currently an executive in the advisory firm Xynteo and said that his wife supports him taking up a different life on the campaign trail.

"Helle and I have lived like this for years and we've always found a way to make it work," he told The Times. "We naturally talked about my plans and she has been very supportive."

Might have good chance
Kinnock should have a good chance of getting elected, says Ole Helmersen, an expert in British politics at the Copenhagen Business School.

"He can be very, very sure of being elected," he told Politiken newspaper.

There are three reasons why Kinnock can feel so certain, according to Helmersen. Firstly, the Aberavon constituency where Kinnock is campaigning has long belonged to Labour. Secondly, Aberavon's current and popular MP, Hywel Francis, announced that he won't be running again.

Lastly, Kinnock is the son of politician Neil Kinnock, who was the head of Labour from 1983 to 1992, and leader of the opposition to the Margaret Thatcher-led government.

"The combination of a secure constituency and the last name 'Kinnock' is classic Labour," Helmersen said. "It will nearly take a miracle or a volcanic eruption to Aberavon to change political colour. That is probably also why Kinnock gets that area. Labour probably wanted to find a secure area for him, because he is a good name for the party."

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According to Politiken, Kinnock will prioritise the British media before discussing his career move with the Danish newspapers.

In the meantime, his luck may turn when the Brits find out about his tax evasion case, gay rumours and Russian acting career.