Electric cars not as clean as importers claim

Consumer watchdog wants to crack down on importers who claim their vehicles are CO2 neutral

The practice of marketing electric cars imported to Denmark as CO2 neutral should be stopped, according to consumer ombudsman Henrik Øe. Despite claims from manufacturers that electric cars do not pollute, Øe says that the trendy vehicles do indeed add CO2 to the atmosphere.

“Although it is true that electric cars are CO2 neutral while they are being driven, the power used to charge them still produces CO2,” he told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Øe’s contentions are supported by the energy agency Energistyrelsen. The production of a single kilowatt hour of energy created 318 grams of CO2, whether that energy was used to run a refrigerator or charge an electric car.

Øe said that he will be in contact with auto makers like Renault and VW to get them to tone down their CO2 neutral claims.