DSB closes ticket machines to prevent vandalism

Around ten 250,000 kroner ticket machines met a violent end each year during New Year celebrations

Rail operator DSB has once again closed its ticket machines to reduce the amount of vandalism they normally suffer during raucous New Year's Eve celebrations.

The machines will reopen at noon on Wednesday and until then will be equipped with signs informing commuters of alternate ways to purchase tickets.

“It’s disappointing that we will have to offer some of our customers a reduced service around New Year," spokesperson Tony Bispeskov said in a press release. “There is unfortunately no alternative as each year we suffer enormous costs repairing the machines after the New Year celebrations."

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According to DSB, a new ticket machine costs around 250,000 kroner and an average of ten are destroyed each year on during New Year's Eve celebrations. Things got particularly wild as Denmark ushered in 2008. On that night, 47 of the DSB ticket machines were destroyed. DSB has made the pre-emptive move to close the machines on New Year's Eve ever since. 

Commuters can still use their Rejsekort and Klippekort and individual tickets can instead be purchased via SMS, in 7-11 stores, through DSB ticket vendors, online through DSB.dk, or via the DSB App.