Police targeting cyclists this week

You stand a high chance of getting fined for riding without lights or on the pavement

Cyclists across the country should be careful when out in traffic this week as the police are cracking down cyclists who commit traffic violations.

From today until Sunday, police will focus on common violations such a lack of proper lighting and driving across red lights and on pavements.

Cyclists caught violating traffic law can expect to pay a variety of fines.

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So before you get caught out on the street this week, here is a full list of the traffic violations that can earn cyclists a fine.

Violations punishable with 1,000 kroner fines

Using a hand-held mobile phone while biking
Cycling through a red light
Cycling against traffic
Violating the right of way

Violations punishable with 700 kroner fines

Cycling without lights in the dark
Missing or defective brakes or reflectors
Cycling across a pedestrian crossing
Cycling on the cycle path on the left side of the street
Not respecting traffic signs or arrows
Failure to signal a turn or stop
Cycling no-handed
Cycling on the pavement
Holding onto a vehicle
Having two or more people on a regular bicycle
Wrong position while/before turning

Violations punishable with a warning

Non-functioning bell