Traffic violations get more expensive

Extra penalties generated to be placed into victims fund

Traffic fines in Denmark are already high, but they are about to get even more expensive. Extra penalties and points for dangerous violations – so-called ‘clips’ in one’s driving licence – will now add an extra 500 kroner above the original fine.

The levies – which were adopted last May and went into effect at the start of the year – have been criticised as being little more than a “cash machine” for the state.

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Morten Bødskov (S), who was the justice minister at the time the increased penalties were put in place, supports the extra fines.

“Points on your licence are levied for serious offences – the kind that could potentially involve a victim,” Bødskov told DR Nyheder at the time.

Offences that would earn a clip include, among others, driving 30 percent above the posted speed limit, running a red light, driving illegally in the emergency lane or following the vehicle in front too closely.