What dragged you away from your home in 2013? | Top Anglo theatre

In the next couple of days, the InOut team pay tribute to the performances, shows and events that have impressed them the most over the last 12 months.

1. The Woman in Black
The element of fear is difficult to instil in theatre, but That Theatre’s gripping production took us all to the dark corners of our minds. Presenting the stage as a simple black canvas allowed the audience to construct their own version of the horror, while the expressive use of lighting, temporary walls and secret doors made for thrilling surprises. I lost count of how many times the hair stood up on the back of my neck. (LP)

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2. Cabaret Brise-Jour
A truly unique tribute to the classics of German composer Kurt Weill, this experimental show at Republique transcended from beautiful to manic and left us bemused by the amount of talent and ingenuity. (LP)

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3. The Importance of Being Earnest
Arguably the best CTC production ever, director Jens Blegaa brought out the best in his international cast. Claire Clausen gave the performance of the year as Lady Bracknell, while Katrina Marshall as Cecily Cardew is definitely a name to look out for. All in all, a great 12 months for the CTC, whose year started with another pleasing panto, Aladdin. (BH)

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4. Digging up Shakespeare
The star of Sue Hansen-Styles of Why Not Theatre Company continues to soar, and for five days in June it came to shine over Teater Huset as part of the CPH:STAGE festival. Together with Barry McKenna and Andrew Jeffers, their Shakespearean medley about Richard III’s old bones was an intimate affair with great onstage chemistry. (BH)

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5. The Beach
This April production at Krudttønden marked the debut of a new name in English-language drama, Russell Collins. And the West End pedigree of the co-founder of Scene Kunst Skoler was clear to see in an intelligent staging. (BH)

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