The Weekly Wrap – Sunday, January 12

It's that time of the week again, when we take a step back and give a second look to some of the stories that made up the past seven days both in our printed weekly newspaper and online. 

A review: 

– While the New Year saw historic legal and regulated cannabis purchases in Colorado, the Danish government has no plans to drop the status quo prohibition policies, despite the wishes of Copenhagen leaders. We think the government is wrong and recommend a fresh take on the marijuana issue.

– Pirate Bay hacker Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, aka Anakata, will remain in police custody for at least a few more weeks after a ruling last week in Frederiksberg City Court. The extension comes despite Warg's lawyer's contentions that the state's case against him is "thin". Meanwhile, supporters are doing all they can to bring attention to what they feel is Anakata's unfair treatment

– The scandal that cost Morten Bødskov his job as justice minister also ensnared two top Justice Ministry officials

–  Police action was under scrutiny this week in light of residents' complaints that officers often refuse to identify themselves and allegations that police abused their power by stopping pro-Tibet supporters during then Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit in 2012. 

– End-of-the-year crime stats presented good news and bad news for police. Burglaries were down, but pickpockets were up

– It was a wild week in the animal kingdom, with news stories about mysterious dead cows, plans to kill sealsmisidentified crocodiles and EU plans to punish mink farmers

– Hoping to ride your bike over Trangravsbroen and Proviantbroen? Keep dreaming

– Do you do your shopping at Netto, Føtex or Bilka? Those supermarkets now have a new owner

– Public broadcaster DR is not only having its programming questioned by politicians, it is also plummeting in popularity amongst young people. 

– And last but certainly not least (hey, we all love to talk about the weather, right?), it looks like it is going to finally start feeling like winter

Here's hoping you had a good week. We'll do it all again starting tomorrow.